September 22, 2020

Gordon Reger Pursues Major Development Projects In Tampa FL, Portland ME, Austin TX

Gordon Reger and Reger Holdings continues to grow with development in the student-housing sector. The following is an excerpt from The Buffalo News:


West Seneca-based Reger Holdings is kicking off its second student-housing venture in the Southeast, with a new 560-bed project in Tampa, Fla.

Dubbed Reign Living in Tampa, the seven-story building will feature a two-floor steel-and-concrete parking structure, with 126 apartments or rooms on five upper floors.

"University of Tampa has a serious shortage of student housing," he said. "We look all over the country for markets that are out of balance with the supply and demand, and Tampa is way up there on the top of the list. It checked all the boxes."

The project follows the completion in August of its first student housing project, located in Columbia, S.C. The new Reign Living of Columbia has 126 units and 504 beds, and is fully occupied.


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