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Larkin Center of Commerce

Buffalo, New York

The largest building in the historic Larkin District of the City of Buffalo, the Larkin Center of Commerce at 1.3 Million SF is home to almost 100 businesses and professional service providers. This extraordinary facility was completed in 1906 by the Larkin Company to provide manufacturing, retail and administrative support services for the historic Larkin company. At over 30 acres under roof, comprised of 8 contiguous buildings, it is the largest of the Larkin Company structures.

The Larkin Company was among the most successful and innovative companies of its day, boasting $30 Million in annual revenue as early as 1900. Consistent dedication to innovation, the mantra of the company was "The Larkin Idea: Save all cost that adds no value". Through the decades since the Larkin Company, the complex has been host to hundreds of local and international businesses that have continued the Larkin legacy. The Larkin Center of Commerce has served as the incubator for many local success stories throughout time.

»  Acquisition Date: October 2010
»  Gross Area: 1,300,000 Sq. Ft.
»  Property Type: Commercial/Office
»  Status: Portfolio Property

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